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What I can do for you:

I’ve been studying the teachings of Sanford Meisner for 12 years and coaching the technique for over 8 years. During this time I have worked with professional actors, comedians, dancers, singers, performance artists and public speakers.

I can provide individually designed courses to suit all needs ranging from learning the basics and introducing the principles of the Meisner Technique (the art of listening, being present, fully putting your attention on your partner) through to more advanced skills (such as character work, cold reading, scripts analysis, and scene performance). These can be delivered as one to one coaching, small group work or larger workshops. The courses can be anywhere from 4 hours to several weekly modules, depending on your needs and experience.

In particular I have found the Meisner Technique very helpful for actors who find themselves self-conscious or self-aware. It greatly helps you become more naturalistic and allows you to more fully express feelings & emotions truthfully.

It is also useful to help with script analysis and effective line learning.
My approach is fun and playful and centred on quickly getting to truthful behaviour with a deepening of connections with other actors.

About My Work

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