I had been thinking of studying at the Actors Temple for several years and I feel like I won the jackpot with Jo. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Jo has the perfect blend of skill, tenderness and humor and effortlessly guides you to places you didn’t know were inside of you. I learned how to be more authentic and spontaneous in my creative process all the while playing, having fun and building meaningful connections with my scene partners. I am forever grateful.
Lian Blue

Jo has a gentleness about her teaching style that makes it feel safe to dare.

Jade Nanton

Jo is clever, bold, supportive and wonderful. I feel very lucky to have been taught by her, she throws out all the academic guff around acting and instead focuses solely on doing. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Luke Norcross-Webb

Training with Jo really got me excited about acting. As a teacher she encourages you to question and explore out side of your comfort zone. I loved Jo’s approach and hope to train with her again!

Cecile Sinclair

I had such an incredible time with Jo. At first, I was worried because my English was not fluent as an international student. But she was so patient and generous to me and made me so comfortable. So I could just let it go and find out something that I have natural born humor which was even I haven’t known until now. All our classmates felt so free and allowed ourselves to do just as it is without worrying about making mistake. She always said soften and surrender and go with an instinct in the moment. And I can accept that every human being is fragile and actors don’t have to be afraid of that fact because she didn’t hesitate about showing us herself first and I think it all comes from her life experiences.

Even though I took many classes in London, the class with her was the greatest, and it was the most memorable moment in London. I’ll never forget the time for my entire life.

InYoung Lee

“Working with Jo allowed me to explore how I really felt about things that were happening. With the combination of putting all of my attention on my partner, and Jo’s guidance I was able to find the truth as an actor.  Jo’s assistance through the repetition allowed me to, in the moment, really love and really hate my partner; as well as every other emotion you can imagine. Jo did this by refusing to accept flippant answers, (eg I feel fine) and made us actually face how we were feeling. It is the first time I’ve had to properly face what my gut says about a situation, and what I actually want to say to someone. I will be ever grateful for this liberating experience and for the new found freedom and truthfulness that I can now bring to the stage.

It was much more than I could have imagined.

Thank you!”

Thanks again,

Harry Williams

Jo Romero is an acting coach who gets results. As a result of working with her, the play I was in was richer and more compelling; while I came away with a better actor with renewed confidence in my own abilities. I would jump at the chance to work with her again and highly recommend her to anyone seeking rigorous and rewarding training.

David Mills – Comedian
‘Scenes of a Sensual Nature’

Jo was my teacher for Foundation Meisner Technique. I really enjoyed the class, so much so I will be taking the core class. Her teaching style is very relatable because she is so open and shares her own personal experiences, she leads/ teaches by example. This in turn makes you comfortable enough to be open in your work without feeling self conscious. She is also very honest as a person, but more importantly as a teacher, never shying away from telling you to get to the truth of what you’re doing when she feels you can give more. Her honesty allows you to delve deeper and discover things which you may normally shy away from. She is attentive and adjusts her approach to the needs of each individual student, helping with their weaknesses and reinforcing their strengths. Most importantly she helps instil the confidence and belief needed to go out and perform/ express yourself truthfully not only as an actor but in your daily life too.

Eddie Nwachukwu